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New for 2023 - Rally Cap Tball Program

By West Hill Baseball League, 03/01/23, 12:45PM EST


New for the 2023 season is the Rally Cap Tball program. 

Rally Cap is designed for T-Ball and Blastball participants, their coaches, and parents. Three teams convene to share playing time, with two teams playing while the third practices. Teams rotate after each inning. The program offers complete lesson plans and initiation drills that are a bonus for coaches and parents new to the game.

What is Rally Cap?
The Rally Cap Program is an initiative to enhance players’ and coaches’ first experience with the game of baseball!
The program helps teach players the five FUNdamentals of baseball (Fundamental movement skills, throwing, receiving, hitting, base running) in a fun and safe environment.
Players have the opportunity to learn, acquire and perform different baseball skills in order to progress through the different levels of the program. 

1. Create a fun environment in which children and adults are actively engaged together in the game of baseball.
2. Develop fundamental motor skills, teach baseball skills, and basic rules to our athletes.
3. Experience success with an emphasis on respect and fair play.
4. Promote increased self-esteem among Rally Cap participants.
5. Recruit new coaches, parent helpers and volunteers.

Program as a starting point for long-term athlete development
The Rally Cap Program is one of the outcomes of the Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) Program developed by Sport Canada. LTAD focuses on the general framework of athlete development with special reference to growth, maturation and development, trainability, and sport system alignment and integration.
LTAD incorporates information from several sources. It draws on the experiences of various athlete development projects that have been implemented by different sport organizations since the mid-1990s.
These sciences include pediatric exercise science, exercise physiology, sport psychology, psychomotor learning, sport sociology, and nutrition. An analysis of the literature on organizational development has also contributed significantly.
The Rally Cap program is based on and supported by coaching and exercise science literature, but it is designed particularly for coaches along with technical and administrative sport leaders.

In the Rally Cap program, each team consists of six athletes on the field compared to nine in traditional baseball. This allows for the formation of more teams, meaning athletes will have more skill repetitions at
each session to maximize skill repetition and acquisition. Each Rally Cap session lasts 60 minutes involving three teams.

Two (2) teams will play a 6 versus 6 (6v6) baseball game while the third team will be participating in baseball activities in the outfield area. After an inning is played (both teams have batted) in the game,
teams will rotate so at the end of the 60-minute session each team will have played two games (two full innings and had a skill-based practice.

The Game
All athletes will come to bat during their team’s ½ inning. The ½ inning will end when all athletes have completed their turn. Teams will score runs the same way they do during a traditional baseball game (i.e., touching home plate). Teams also can “score” runs while playing defense. A run can be earned by catching a fly ball or by throwing a runner out at a base. Therefore, up to six (6) defensive runs can be earned each inning.

Rally Cap Drills (YouTube Playlist)

Rally Cap Coaches Manual (PDF)

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