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Opening Day Information - Sat, June 4th

By West Hill Baseball League, 06/01/22, 7:00AM EDT


West Hill Baseball League Opening Day

Saturday June 4, 2022

Scarborough Village Park
23 Gatesview Ave, Scarborough

Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time, in full uniform (pants, team jersey, cap)

After pictures taken, there will be a skills competition - hitting, running and pitching and then coaches and kids will enjoy a hot dog and drinks.

Team Photo Schedule

Time Division Team Name
9.30 BlastBall Saturday Saturday Blue Hawks
9.30 11U Mosquito Blue Jays
9.45 11U Mosquito Braves
9.45 11U Mosquito Mets
10.00 11U Mosquito White Sox
10.00 T-Ball Mon/Wed Athletics
10.15 T-Ball Mon/Wed Blue Jays
10.15 T-Ball Mon/Wed Cardinals
10.30 T-Ball Mon/Wed Mets
10.30 T-Ball Tue/Thu Braves
10.45 T-Ball Tue/Thu Mariners
10.45 T-Ball Tue/Thu Pirates
11.00 T-Ball Tue/Thu White Sox
11.00 9U Rookie Ball Blue Jays
11.15 9U Rookie Ball Braves
11.15 9U Rookie Ball Expos
11.30 9U Rookie Ball Mariners
11.30 9U Rookie Ball Mets
11.45 9U Rookie Ball Pirates
11.45 9U Rookie Ball White Sox
12.00 13U Peewee Blue Jays
12.00 13U Peewee Expos
12.15 13U Peewee Mets
12.15 13U Peewee Pirates
12.30 Umpires Group Photo only
12.30 SBA Interlock Bantam Maroon
12.45 SBA Interlock Bantam Navy
12.45 SBA Interlock Midget Navy
1.00 Mixed WHBL only Bantam/Midget Gold
1.00 Mixed WHBL only Bantam/Midget Maroon