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Registration FAQ

The West Hill Baseball League (WHBL) is a non-profit organization located in east Scarborough, serving the neighbourhoods of Malvern, Woburn, Scarborough Village, Guildwood, Highland Creek, Port Union, Rouge Hill, West Rouge, and West Hill.  WHBL is run entirely by volunteers, offering baseball programs for youth ages 3 to 19. We provide a fun and safe environment where girls and boys can learn and develop through sport and teamwork.

Division - Age Group 

  • Blast Ball - Ages 3-4 (2018-2019)
  • T-Ball - Ages 5-7 (2015-2017)
  • 9U - Ages 8-9 (2013-2014)
  • 11U - Ages 10-11 (2011-2012)
  • 13U - Ages 12-13 (2009-2011)
  • 15U - Ages 14-15 (2007-2008)
  • 18U - Ages 16-19 (2003-2006)

What programs does the West Hill Baseball League offer?

WHBL offers House League and Select programs.  House League is inclusive, recreational baseball which promotes good sportsmanship and player development.  Players of all skill levels and experience are welcome. Competitive players may also wish to try out for a Select team.

What is Select play?

WHBL usually offers one Select team per division (9U and older). Our Select teams play in the Toronto Baseball Association (TBA) East loop on Sunday nights. In addition to the Sunday loop games, our teams participate in weekend tournaments across Ontario and practices as scheduled by the Select Coach. Select players must participate in House League games in order to be eligible to play on a Select team. Tryouts take place in March / April – dates will be posted on the WHBL website.

How much does it cost?

Registration fees vary by division, which is based on the age of the player. For most divisions, there is a discount for registering in the “Early Bird” period, and a family discount for multiple children. There are additional costs for joining a Select Team. Please see the Registration Information page for specific amounts.

What is included in the registration fee?

All players receive a uniform, individual / team photos, and an end-of-season award. The uniform consists of a team jersey and a baseball cap, and, for the T-Ball to 18U divisions, pants. Organized games occur weekly from mid-May to mid-August (excluding statutory holidays). Playoffs occur at the end of the season for most divisions (except for Blast Ball, T-Ball, weekend-only programs and Fall programs).

What baseball equipment do I need to buy for my child?

All players need to bring their own glove, bat, a batting helmet with a strap, and appropriate shoes (non-metal baseball cleats are preferable, but not required). A protective cup (boys and girls) is required for most divisions (except for Blast Ball & T-Ball). Baseball bats will not be brought to the game by the coach; due to the COVID-19 pandemic, players must bring their own.

How do I register my child?

WHBL registration usually opens early in January of each year. The primary registration period is January – April, but late registrations are allowed, space permitting. We recommend registering as early as possible to ensure your child's place on a team. There is a player cap on all divisions, and once this number is reached, no further registrations in that division will be accepted. Early registration also allows you to take advantage of discounted pricing, and participation in the Early Bird draws.

During the registration period, a link will be visible on the WHBL website for online registration. WHBL will only accept online registration using a credit card (Mastercard or VISA).

How do I receive a receipt?

A receipt is e-mailed to the parent once the child is registered and payment is received. Parents can also log in to their account with League Toolbox (our service provider) at any time to print their receipt.

What are the differences between the various House League divisions?

Players are assigned to a division based on year of birth. Blast Ball and T-Ball are intended to introduce younger children to the elements of baseball in a fun and exciting manner, and to encourage interest and enthusiasm in the sport. There is no scorekeeping at the Blast Ball and T-Ball levels.

The 9U division contains most elements of standard baseball, with an adult-operated pitching machine to ensure consistency.

Players have the opportunity to develop pitching skills in the older divisions (11U to 18U).

When & Where are games played?

Teams in the Spring Blast Ball division play ONE Saturday morning per week at the Charlottetown Public School school-yard fields.

Teams in the Summer Blast Ball division play ONE night per week at the Charlottetown Public School school-yard fields.  Parents can select the play night (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday) during the registration process.

Teams in the T-Ball division play TWO nights per week at the Charlottetown Public School school-yard fields, Mondays & Wednesdays or Tuesdays & Thursdays.  Parents can select the play nights (Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday) during the registration process.

The 9U division plays TWO nights per week, on Mondays & Wednesdays.

The 11U division plays TWO nights per week, on Tuesdays & Thursdays.

The 13U division plays TWO nights per week, on Mondays & Wednesdays.

We are offering two options for T-Ball - Either Mondays & Wednesdays OR Tuesdays & Thursdays. In addition to the weekday House League programs in the RookieMosquito and Peewee age groups, we are offering Spring and Summer Only weekend morning programs. 

No games are scheduled on statutory holidays.  Games are played at various local diamonds – refer to the House League Divisions pages for details.  Start times and length of games vary by division, but most activity occurs between 6:30 – 8:30 pm.  A complete schedule is posted on the WHBL website once registration has ended and team rosters have been determined.

NOTE:  In addition to the weekday House League programs in the 9U, 11U and 13U age groups, we also offer Summer Only (July & August) weekend morning programs.  Please see the Registration/Division Information page of the website for more information.

What is Interlock (15U & 18U Divisions)?

15U and 18U teams play with teams from member baseball leagues of the Scarborough Baseball Association (SBA) - West Hill, Birchmount, East Toronto, and Wexford / Agincourt.  This is called "Interlock".  Interlock Divisions play twice a week (any day from Monday to Friday, no fixed days) at various diamonds within each neighbourhood.  15U plays from 6:30 – 8:30 pm, and 18U plays from 8:50 – 10:50 pm.  All scheduling for Interlock Divisions (including practices, playoffs, rainouts) is managed by the SBA.  SBA’s policies may not be the same as WHBL’s.  Please refer to the SBA website for details.

NOTE: We also offer a 15U & 18U MIXED program (both age groups playing together), on weekend mornings during May and June, followed by Monday & Wednesday nights during the summer holidays.  All games are with WHBL teams only and will be at Heron Park.  Please see the Registration/Division Information page of the website for more information.

What happens in Bad Weather?

On occasion, games will be cancelled due to bad weather or field conditions. Games will generally continue through light rain or showers, but will be stopped if any situation presents a risk to players (lightning, deteriorating field conditions, extreme heat & humidity, etc). Games may be cancelled by the WHBL Executive prior to start time if sufficiently poor conditions are observed during the day, by Umpires at the diamond, or if the City of Toronto or the TDSB cancel our permits for the diamonds.

Should a game be cancelled prior to start time, a notice will be placed on the WHBL website, and an e-mail will automatically be sent to all impacted players, coaches, and umpires via our website provider. Coaches may also set up a call tree.

Are cancelled games rescheduled?

There is no rescheduling of cancelled games for Blast Ball or T-Ball. For 9U, 11U, 13U divisions, a maximum of 2 cancelled games will be rescheduled before the Playoffs, on regular playing days set aside for this purpose. Only 2 cancelled games will be rescheduled per division, regardless of the number of actual cancelled games.

Are there Practices in addition to games?

If there are an odd number of teams in a division, a practice is inserted into the regular schedule when a team has no opponent to play. Coaches may also conduct practices on weekends or at other times.

How does my child get assigned to a team?

In early May, team coaches and the WHBL Executive meet for a "Draft Night", where players are assigned to teams. Teams typically have a maximum of 13 players. A request for a player to be placed on the same team as another player will be considered – but this is guaranteed only for siblings. Our primary objective is the creation of fair and balanced teams, in order to ensure a competitive and exciting season. Parents will be contacted by their child’s coach after Draft Night. Please note that, in order to achieve fair and balanced teams, your child may be moved from his/her original team to another team during the first few weeks of the season. We reserve the right to ask for Proof of Age to ensure that players are placed in the correct division.

Will my child be assigned to a specific playing position?

There are no assigned positions in House League play - players are given the opportunity to play all positions. Coaches are instructed to rotate players between infield and outfield, and all players are encouraged to try pitching and catching.

When will my child receive his/her uniform?

Players receive their uniforms a few weeks into the season, once the team rosters have been finalized. The uniforms will be delivered to the coaches at one of the regularly scheduled games.

What are Exhibition Games?

For certain divisions (9U and older), the first few games of the season are considered Exhibition Games. The Exhibition Games provide the first opportunity for the League to assess the teams. If teams appear to be imbalanced, it will result in some players being moved from their original team to another team. No points for wins or ties are awarded during the Exhibition Games.

What are House League Playoffs?

House League teams (except Blast Ball, T-Ball, Weekend-only programs and Fall programs) participate in end-of-season playoffs – a round-robin tournament involving all teams in the respective division. Playoffs typically start late July / early August depending on the number of teams in the division. Points accrued during the regular season (2 points for win, 1 point for tie) determines the Home / Visitor status at each playoff game. The two teams in each division with the best playoff record advance to a one-game final.

Should there be a tie for 2nd place, the winner of the playoff game between those two teams will advance to the final. If that game ended in a tie (it has happened!), the run differential (runs scored less runs against) achieved during the playoffs will be the deciding factor.

What are Winter Practices?

WHBL offers free indoor practices at local school gyms for all divisions except Blast Ball and T-Ball. Practices are held on various weeknights, and involve a series of drills and mock games intended to refresh knowledge of baseball rules and improve skills. Space at each session is limited. 

What happens at Opening Day?

The primary purpose of Opening Day is for players to have their individual and team photos taken. Each team will be given a scheduled time to arrive for the photos. Afterwards, there will be a Skills Competition (Pitch, Hit & Run) for players from T-Ball to 18U. Hot dogs & drinks are provided to players and coaches. Opening Day also provides parents with the opportunity to meet members of the Executive.

Opening Day provides opportunities for our high school youths to volunteer and help out, and earn community involvement (volunteer) hours that they need to graduate from high school.

What happens at Closing Day?

The primary purpose of Closing Day is to distribute awards to all players, and announce the winning teams for the season. Closing Day also provides one last opportunity for teammates to gather together and remember the fun they had during the summer. Hot dogs & drinks are provided to players and coaches.

Closing Day provides opportunities for our high school youths to volunteer and help out, and earn community involvement (volunteer) hours that they need to graduate from high school.

Who are the Coaches?

WHBL is run ENTIRELY by volunteers. Coaches are usually parents like yourself, who enjoy the game and love interacting with the players. Coaches are responsible for making a batting order, assigning positions on the field, and providing guidance regarding baseball skills. Training is available. Please consider signing up as as a Head Coach, Team Manager/Assistant Coach or a Health and Safety Manager when you are registering your child.

Who are the Umpires?

Umpires officiating at House League games are persons who have passed one or more of the umpiring clinics offered by Baseball Ontario. Umpires must be at least 13 years old in the year of certification. Most of our umpires also play baseball within the League. If your child is interested in becoming an umpire, please contact our Umpire-In-Chief.

What is the WHBL Code of Conduct?

Harassment takes many forms, but can generally be defined as behaviour that is insulting, intimidating, humiliating, hurtful, malicious, or otherwise offensive to an individual or group of individuals, or which creates an uncomfortable environment. The WHBL Code of Conduct requires that all players, parents, spectators, officials and coaches will at all times treat everyone else with respect, and will refrain from discriminating against any player on the basis of race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, religion, family status, physical or mental disability, gender or sexual orientation.

I want to help. How can I become a volunteer?

There are many tasks that need to be done in order to have a successful season, and we can always use more help. Whatever your skills or interest (team coach, team manager, assistant coach, health and safety manager, administrative support, Bingo helper), we can find a place for you! Please email for further information.