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Each of us is a role model for somebody, and if we aren't, we should behave as though we are - cheerful, kind, loving, courteous. Because you can be sure someone is watching and taking deliberate and diligent notes. -Maya Angelou

At the West Hill Baseball League, our goal is to establish an environment that is free of harassment, for everyone involved.  Harassment takes many forms but can generally be defined as behaviours, including comments and/or conduct, that are insulting, intimidating, humiliating, hurtful, malicious, degrading or otherwise offensive to an individual or group of individuals or which create an uncomfortable environment

Everyone involved with the League shall treat everyone else, (including all players, parents, officials, umpires and spectators,) fairly and equitably, by refraining from discriminating against any player with respect to race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, religion, family status, physical or mental disability, gender or sexual orientation.

People who create problems seldom do it intentionally.  None of us sets out to create a negative experience for anyone else, but as parents, coaches and players, it can happen.  We fully expect that all players, parents, spectators and coaches will at all times treat everyone with respect and exercise self-control. 

Following are some guidelines for making our league an even better place to play baseball.

  • I will remember that my child plays for their enjoyment, not mine.  They sign up for baseball to develop their skills and do their best to help their team.

  • I will teach my child that doing one’s best is more important than winning, so that my child will never feel defeated by the outcome of a game or event.

  • I will never ridicule or yell at my child for making a mistake or losing a competition. I will provide positive comments that motivate and encourage continued effort.

  • I will make my child feel like a winner every time by offering praise for competing fairly and trying hard.

  • I will remember that children learn best by example. I will applaud good play/performances by both my child’s team and their opponents.

  • I will remember that child athletes are not miniature professionals and cannot be judged by professional standards.

  • I will help my child maintain their focus on the game / practice by not visiting or approaching the dugout unless requested by the coach.

  • I will respect the volunteer coaches, who give their time to provide sport activities for my child, and show appreciation for their efforts.

  • I will not have unrealistic expectations, and I will affirm with my child that I enjoy providing the opportunity to play sports, and there are no strings attached.

  • I will respect the officials’ decisions or judgement and will encourage participants to do the same.  I will remember the only people authorized to communicate directly with the umpires are the two head coaches on the field.

  • I will not use offensive language, nor will I harass or abuse, verbally or physically, athletes, coaches, officials or other spectators.

  • All of us… players, coaches, parents, officials, executives, spectators… shall maintain self-control at all times, and treat everyone with the utmost respect and dignity.

Also, please note that our league’s umpires, who work the games from T-ball through to Peewee, are mostly young people whose task is to officiate the game on the field.  Only the team coach or designated team representative may check with umpires to clarify a call or ruling, and must do so only in a respectful manner.  Other coaches, participants, parents or team spectators are not at liberty to question and critique umpires.  Further, umpires should never have to deal with any rude, abusive or otherwise unacceptable behaviour from players, coaches or parents.  As the adults operating the league, we find this intolerable and we will take action up to and including terminating that person’s privilege of attending any West Hill events.

Thank you for helping make our league a better place.