St. Brendan's Family Fitness

Updated Monday May 19, 2014 by West Hill Baseball League.

Dearest West Hill Baseball,
I just wanted to thank you for participating in St. Brendan's Family Fitness event last Wednesday.    It turned out to be a great success.  We may choose to have a similar event next year, and of course hope that West Hill Baseball will participate again. 
Your community table / display was fantastic.  I had one parent tell me that their child wanted to sign up for baseball right on the spot after visiting your table.   As parents we sign kids up for what we think they should do, but last Wednesday I saw kids take an active role in exploring the many options available to them in our community.  I know I get better results when my kids buy into a program themselves. 
I've attached a formal thank you letter.  Please pass it on to those that participated.
Many sincere thanks.

St. Brendan's Family Fitness.pdf